Links for the Weekend


I mean what else would we be doing this weekend?! Art & Wine Festival in Walnut Creek, but of course. It’s been unbearably hot these past two weeks and so why not beat it with booze and art. Makes sense in my BoozeDaddy head. We’ll be meeting up with some friends and trying our best to out kid the kids. Then we’ll go home and soothe our sunburns, well the pale people at least, sorry Mrs. BoozeDaddy. What’s on your plate? In your glass? Gin & Tonic kind of weekend? No matter what, enjoy it with the ones you love!

Evan Williams Bottled in Bond Review

How love and marriage is changing according to Wedding Announcements

“Fast and Casual” restaurants more calories than Fast Food

Craft beer is seeing an upswing in cuisine


Young Boy calls 911 on Dad after he runs red light!! – I can’t stop laughing about this one.

Have a weekend!



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