Bloody Mary, Margarita & Mimosa Bar

A couple of weeks ago our family visited Long Beach for our dear friends’ Wedding Shower. My darling wife happens to be the Matron of Honor and I’m tasked with officiating the wedding in July. Needless to say we were a part of the planning process for the Shower. And our most coveted assignment was the BOOZE.

The groom loves a solid Bloody Mary with a kick of spice and the proper garnish while the bride fancies herself a Mimosa. Everyone and I mean everyone in Long Beach loves a good Margarita. So boom, it happened. Below are two pics of the bar.


Here’s the products we used, so when you’re planning an awesome bash you know what you’ll need.

Before all had left the frivolity, we ended going through all of the Mimosas and Margaritas. It twas a success! We can’t wait for the wedding and it’s not too far away…JULY! We’ll be visiting some of our favorite watering holes in LA, so I’ll be sure to post about it once we return. Seven Grand, anyone?

Happy Bar Making!


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