Links for the Weekend


Picture via WSJ

Our little Les is growing up so fast. Today we had to lower her crib because she’s able to pull herself up, grab things and avoid inevitable sleep. To be honest, it’s one of her cuter pre-night rituals, but it’s rather taxing on us parents. This weekend we’re going to baby proof some more and perhaps start the very upsetting process of baby-gating our place. I hate the idea of putting up blockades. Am I alone in this? Also on the agenda, reorganizing our lives. Perhaps I’ll post about it, if I feel brave enough to show you my mess of a closet. Have a great weekend!

A new modern art museum in San Francisco  has opened its doors

Mind-blowing stats about infertility

It’s getting hot and it’s time to appreciate the Pilsner

Po’ Man grilling

Best fathers to follow on Twitter — somehow I was left on this list, but I need to up my Twitter game…I guess.

Barrel-aging your own cocktails, this is something I need to get into



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