Links for the Weekend


Prince performing at Super Bowl XLI

I can’t count how many times a Prince song has dotted the “i” in my life. Prince seemed out of this world, of a higher consciousness and we’re blessed he shared his unfathomable talent with us. He was an icon, a peculiar personality and from those that knew him a kind soul. 2016 so far has taken some good ones. It’d be nice if it cooled down a bit. RIP.

This weekend we’re headed to Long Beach for a Wedding Shower. I’ll hopefully have some sweet pics of the spread. The Mrs. and I are setting up the brunch bar with a little bit of Bloody Mary, Mimosa and Margarita action. We love visiting Long Beach, the people are great, our friends live in LA and there’s some killer brew pubs downtown. Les loves it because she’s the belle of the ball. Everyone wants to take care of her, make her laugh, hold and carry her. And of course we’re like “have at thee!” The smallest of breaks is the biggest help. What’s everyone up to? How do you like your Bloody Mary?

Daddy and Daughter hair braiding classes, I look forward to when Les’s hair is long enough

Some of these I knew, but here’s 5 things you didn’t know about Prince

I’m a big Cubs fan and last night JAKE ARRIETA threw a no hitter. The team is starting off quite well. (I’m superstitious, don’t want to get cocky)

New Zealand Wine, more than just Sauvignon Blanc

Sporting events a father and son ritual

This made me laugh out loud, the absurdity of it is amazing. Drake is releasing an American whiskey (he’s Canadian) called Virginia Black. No one knows why it’s called Virginia Black either. Don’t worry, once it’s released, I’ll review it and take one for the team.

Enjoy your weekend!




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