Links for the Weekend


Art by Snezhana Soosh

It’s Friday! The weekend is upon us, let us rejoice with brews, libations and wine! We’ve got basic plans this weekend. A little trip to Targé and another little trip to the park. Our little one loves the swings, so if it’s not too busy we’ll get in a good five minutes before we get tired. We’re hardcore like that. What’s the weekend got in store for you?

Artist Snezhana Soosh expresses the significance of Dads, follow her on Instagram.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, Dad or Alive saves you time with gift suggestions. Who knew flats, weren’t flat?

Lee Spirits, Gin Review, another Colorado distillery. I think there’s something in the water.

Founder’s KBS has been released. Who’s tasted it already?!

“I Grew Up Star Wars”

Beard Beer, Oyster Chocolate, Whale Testicles. Two guys braved Weird Beers, so you don’t have to, enjoy!


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