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Been absent the last couple of weeks because we’ve been out and about. Father’s Day was fantastic we ended up going to Eight Bridges Brewery in Livermore, CA. Met up with friends, had our children play “who can smack their head on more things” and enjoyed some good local drafts. This week the wife and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. It’s flown by and now that we have our beautiful daughter, it’s light speed ahead! So here’s some links for the weekend. Next week expect a review and then pics from LA, more stuff going on, I know, it’s crazy!

Drink the Cutest Cocktail

It’s that season…BUGS! The breakdown for bug repellent

Being originally from Virginia this list of ways to drink your Tea is awesome

Casserole Cocktail – a sweet potato cocktail

Grooming Tips for the Summer

Start your day off right with Breakfast






Links for the Weekend


I mean what else would we be doing this weekend?! Art & Wine Festival in Walnut Creek, but of course. It’s been unbearably hot these past two weeks and so why not beat it with booze and art. Makes sense in my BoozeDaddy head. We’ll be meeting up with some friends and trying our best to out kid the kids. Then we’ll go home and soothe our sunburns, well the pale people at least, sorry Mrs. BoozeDaddy. What’s on your plate? In your glass? Gin & Tonic kind of weekend? No matter what, enjoy it with the ones you love!

Evan Williams Bottled in Bond Review

How love and marriage is changing according to Wedding Announcements

“Fast and Casual” restaurants more calories than Fast Food

Craft beer is seeing an upswing in cuisine


Young Boy calls 911 on Dad after he runs red light!! – I can’t stop laughing about this one.

Have a weekend!


Links for the Weekend


All tuckered out from so much traveling

It’s a three day weekend! Memorial Day plans anyone? We’ll be hanging out with friends and doing a bit of summer cleaning. I just purchased a new gin, so there should be a review up next week with cocktail recipe…if I can make up my mind. It’s gorgeous outside, time to enjoy this weekend ya’ll!

Father’s Day Buying Guide

Speaking of vacation, 4 Supervillain lairs to stay at

60 Grilling Recipes. We must try all of these in just one weekend!

Review: Blood Oath Pact 2 bourbon

The Weird History of Asian Sex Stereotypes

This is really helpful before planning a trip overseas, How-to Travel Overseas with Kids



Links for the Weekend


We’re headed back to Long Beach for a short weekend trip. The Mrs. will be attending a Bachelorette Party. So it’s Dad and a buddy watching Baby Les, with the help of my sister…hopefully. On the list of things to do, TRY MORE BOURBON. Hoping to sample some items I have yet to try and then put up some snazzy new reviews. Any recommendations while I’m down there?

Woman Who Cracked 3 Separate iPhone Screens Expecting Baby in August

The Ultimate Infographic for Selfies

We are men. We grill steaks. We grill steaks good. 

Pics of Babies Eating Lemons For the First Time

John Legend, baby-carrier cool chic

Whiskey Collection, crowned by $250k bottle. 

Who’s ready for World Gin Day?! It’s almost here, cocktails, tasting menus, I’ve got my own plans!


Links for the Weekend


Hi, I’m Lesli and I’m going to give my Dad a heart attack. 

Celllooooo!! Here’s some links for your weekend. What’s everyone got planned? We’re hoping to get out the house and maybe hit a vineyard. Why not? We live in NorCal after all and that’s a thing people do. Even with an almost 10 month old who likes to climb everything without consequence! Gravity used to be a friend of mine, now I fear it.

Best Places to Work for New Dads

What to do with that giant handle of vodka? Recipes of course! 

Rent is high! Eva Longoria to the rescue.

Well, these pictures of newborns and their parents are traumatizing

5 Nurses and what they keep in their medicine cabinets

Auction for a 24 Year Old Barrel of Stitzel-Weller Bourbon. Who’s got the $$$?!




Bloody Mary, Margarita & Mimosa Bar

A couple of weeks ago our family visited Long Beach for our dear friends’ Wedding Shower. My darling wife happens to be the Matron of Honor and I’m tasked with officiating the wedding in July. Needless to say we were a part of the planning process for the Shower. And our most coveted assignment was the BOOZE.

The groom loves a solid Bloody Mary with a kick of spice and the proper garnish while the bride fancies herself a Mimosa. Everyone and I mean everyone in Long Beach loves a good Margarita. So boom, it happened. Below are two pics of the bar.


Here’s the products we used, so when you’re planning an awesome bash you know what you’ll need.

Before all had left the frivolity, we ended going through all of the Mimosas and Margaritas. It twas a success! We can’t wait for the wedding and it’s not too far away…JULY! We’ll be visiting some of our favorite watering holes in LA, so I’ll be sure to post about it once we return. Seven Grand, anyone?

Happy Bar Making!

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Picture via WSJ

Our little Les is growing up so fast. Today we had to lower her crib because she’s able to pull herself up, grab things and avoid inevitable sleep. To be honest, it’s one of her cuter pre-night rituals, but it’s rather taxing on us parents. This weekend we’re going to baby proof some more and perhaps start the very upsetting process of baby-gating our place. I hate the idea of putting up blockades. Am I alone in this? Also on the agenda, reorganizing our lives. Perhaps I’ll post about it, if I feel brave enough to show you my mess of a closet. Have a great weekend!

A new modern art museum in San Francisco  has opened its doors

Mind-blowing stats about infertility

It’s getting hot and it’s time to appreciate the Pilsner

Po’ Man grilling

Best fathers to follow on Twitter — somehow I was left on this list, but I need to up my Twitter game…I guess.

Barrel-aging your own cocktails, this is something I need to get into


Links for the Weekend


Prince performing at Super Bowl XLI

I can’t count how many times a Prince song has dotted the “i” in my life. Prince seemed out of this world, of a higher consciousness and we’re blessed he shared his unfathomable talent with us. He was an icon, a peculiar personality and from those that knew him a kind soul. 2016 so far has taken some good ones. It’d be nice if it cooled down a bit. RIP.

This weekend we’re headed to Long Beach for a Wedding Shower. I’ll hopefully have some sweet pics of the spread. The Mrs. and I are setting up the brunch bar with a little bit of Bloody Mary, Mimosa and Margarita action. We love visiting Long Beach, the people are great, our friends live in LA and there’s some killer brew pubs downtown. Les loves it because she’s the belle of the ball. Everyone wants to take care of her, make her laugh, hold and carry her. And of course we’re like “have at thee!” The smallest of breaks is the biggest help. What’s everyone up to? How do you like your Bloody Mary?

Daddy and Daughter hair braiding classes, I look forward to when Les’s hair is long enough

Some of these I knew, but here’s 5 things you didn’t know about Prince

I’m a big Cubs fan and last night JAKE ARRIETA threw a no hitter. The team is starting off quite well. (I’m superstitious, don’t want to get cocky)

New Zealand Wine, more than just Sauvignon Blanc

Sporting events a father and son ritual

This made me laugh out loud, the absurdity of it is amazing. Drake is releasing an American whiskey (he’s Canadian) called Virginia Black. No one knows why it’s called Virginia Black either. Don’t worry, once it’s released, I’ll review it and take one for the team.

Enjoy your weekend!




“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
Kahlil Gibran

Finally watched ‘Inside Out’, it reminded me of this quote. Pixar never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to sharing it with my daughter when she’s a little bit older. And then again and again and again because that’s how it works, right?

Links for the Weekend


Art by Snezhana Soosh

It’s Friday! The weekend is upon us, let us rejoice with brews, libations and wine! We’ve got basic plans this weekend. A little trip to Targé and another little trip to the park. Our little one loves the swings, so if it’s not too busy we’ll get in a good five minutes before we get tired. We’re hardcore like that. What’s the weekend got in store for you?

Artist Snezhana Soosh expresses the significance of Dads, follow her on Instagram.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, Dad or Alive saves you time with gift suggestions. Who knew flats, weren’t flat?

Lee Spirits, Gin Review, another Colorado distillery. I think there’s something in the water.

Founder’s KBS has been released. Who’s tasted it already?!

“I Grew Up Star Wars”

Beard Beer, Oyster Chocolate, Whale Testicles. Two guys braved Weird Beers, so you don’t have to, enjoy!